Monday, 29 October 2012 10:28

Beautiful sunrise

The success of the AAMI Safe Driver reward ads seem to have taken a strong climb upwards since Rhonda visited Bali (  Whilst the character was introduced late in 2011 with the general community crowding around her applauding her safe driving (, the fanfare has gone to a whole new level when Australia’s longstanding love affair of Bali was introduced as the setting for the new campaign.  Dialogue between characters has been built on a strong cultural anchor that exists based on people’s own individual experiences at this holiday destination, allowing individuals to readily understand and accept the storyline. The burning tension between the lead character Rhonda and Balinese man Ketut ( and adds a layer of humour and viewers eagerly anticipate each new installment of the liaison.  Creating an authentic story that people like to recall, taking it beyond forced advertising ... is certainly a strong way to buy into a brand.